Our multi-disciplinary practice made up of specialist Solicitors and Barristers provides both businesses and individuals with a complete employment advice service. Our highly experienced and market-leading lawyers advise, negotiate and (where necessary)  litigate on behalf of public bodies and businesses including FTSE 100 companies.

Our team also provides specialist UK employment law advice tailored to high-net worth individuals from business owners, board directors and employers to employees in most UK job sectors to address employment related issues.

City of London Specialist Employment Lawyers

We are based in the legal heart of London in Middle Temple (one of the four prestigious barristers’ Inns of Court) and provide the strongest employment legal advice with our breadth of complementary practice areas offering our clients a complete and bespoke service.

Some law firms only specialise in employment law, however, individuals and businesses instruct us because not only will our knowledgeable Employment team lead your case and protect your rights, our Insolvency, Litigation, Immigration and Private Prosecution teams can be deployed and tailored advice provided for your particular issue(s).

Our complete UK employment law service includes: general business employment advice, tailored advice for senior executives and business owners, employment contract negotiation, advising on pay disputes, managing discrimination claims to complex high value employment litigation, mediation and compromise agreements.

Bespoke UK Employment Law Advice for Individuals and Businesses

Our employment solicitors and barristers have the flexibility and expertise to offer strategic legal advice and swift resolution for UK Employment law issues.

Our City of London Solicitors and Barristers provide a comprehensive employment law service, including employment contracts, incentive plans, restrictive covenants, redundancy, termination and compromise agreements.

Our Employment team has the expertise to protect your employment rights whether through dispute resolution or litigation in the Employment Tribunals, County Courts, High Courts and higher courts of appeal.

Our UK Employment Law Practice Areas

Our City of London Employment team has widespread experience of advising individual employees, workers as well as businesses and employers.

UK Employment Law Advice for Employees, Senior Executives and Professionals

If you are an employee and a dispute has arisen with your employer, our UK Employment Law Solicitors and Barristers provide urgent advice on:

  • Employment Tribunal advice and representation  – ACAS Early Conciliation Service; issuing tribunal claims and helping you navigate the Employment Tribunal process.
  • Tailored advice for senior executives  – negotiation of employment packages; advice on share options and equity in businesses; advice on restrictions from existing employers and negotiation of compromise agreements;   
  • Unfair dismissal and wrongful dismissal – employers’ breach of the Employment Rights Act 1996; automatic unfair dismissal; basic and compensatory awards;
  • Work pay claims ­ – salary disputes; navigating ACAS; managing Employment Tribunal cases;  
  • Discrimination claims – race, sex, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability, marriage or civil partnership, gender reassignment and any breach of the Equality Act 2010;
  • Bullying and Harassment – victimisation, sexual harassment at work, office bullying, breaches of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 can be explored further by our Private Prosecution team;
  • Restrictive covenants – guidance on restrictions from existing employers; enforceability of restrictive covenants (including non-competition clauses, non-dealing clauses and non-poaching clauses;
  • Contracts of employment – negotiating new employment contracts; advice where terms of employment changed without your consent; constructive dismissal claims; claims for unlawful deduction from wages;
  • Bonus or commission disputes – unhappy with discretionary bonus scheme/payment; bonus clauses; claims for non-payment of a bonus;
  • Regulatory and Professional disciplinary issues
  • Individual and collective redundancies  – remedies for non-genuine redundancy situations; voluntary redundancy advice;  advice on your rights in the redundancy process; calculating statutory redundancy payments; and 
  • Negotiating an exit from your employer – resignation; constructive dismissal.

Employment Law Advice for Employers and Businesses

Our UK Employment Lawyers provide specialist advice to businesses, managers and employers on:

  • General advice on your employment needs  – drafting contracts of employment, policies, procedures & company handbook; advice on amending terms of employment;
  • Employment rights;
  • Insolvency situations;
  • Negotiating sensitive grievance or discrimination claims; and
  • Bringing and defending complex and high value Employment Tribunal cases  – Our Employment team provide a comprehensive and bespoke service bringing, managing or defending any employment related claim.

Book an Initial Consultation with a UK Employment Lawyer

If you are an employer, employee, senior executive, or HR professional and require advice on any aspect of UK Employment law, get in touch so our employment team can assess the legal merit of your case and provide you or your business with bespoke UK employment legal advice.

Please note that your legal rights may be subject to limitation and thereby irreversibly time-barred if you fail to take legal action or defend a claim in time, in particular for Employment Tribunal and Court proceedings. You are strongly advised to seek legal advice prior to taking any steps in the employment tribunal or court procedural process. Do not delay in seeking legal advice.

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