Solicitor Review of Legal Cashiers

Our review of the service provided to us by MyCashier / YourCashier – owned by Lawware practice management software screenshot

Low introductory price increased by 31%

We used for our outsourced legal cashiering service and found the service was ultimately lacking – in particular whilst a fair price was agreed to take us away from a competitor they then unilaterally increased it by 30.74%. This aggressive price increase was accompanied by an unreasonable refusal to negotiate or even recognise the percentage increase was significant. In fact, this refusal was a clear breach of the agreed contract which said:

“A fixed fee per calendar month, to be reviewed on an annual basis, and on which review can be varied by agreement, in line with the UK Retail Price Index (RPI), or based on analysis of the volume of transactions in the client and office accounts.”

Contractual clause

Yourcashier is/was also known as mycashier or lawprolegal and is now owned by Lawware, a software platform that we considered using but decided not to. We chose the cloud-based Clio and Xero which are now a market-leading combination in our experience which we recommend highly.

We do not recommend Leap, which is originally from Australia, as they bought out older generation software systems like Perfectbooks and then gradually degraded those platforms and increased pricing to push solicitors onto Leap. Clio, originally from Canada, in comparison just grew organically in the UK without any such tactics.

Review of the Yourcashier Service Provided

In summary, our view of the service provided is that there are many different cashiers used that change so time is lost, relationships dont form as promised and mistakes are more easily made compared to having just one Legal Cashier. Also as the organisation is so small that there seem to be corporate governance issues so that a director can direct as they individually wish at their whim rather than professionally and reasonably as is the case in bigger organisations.

We had Legal Cashier services provided by:

  1. Lynne Outersson
  2. Heather McCabe
  3. Herlinde Tennant-Davies
  4. Matthew Clark
  5. Erin Sneddon

We had rare occasions where it seemed our daily cashiering was not properly done but that did not cause us any problems. Generally the team were competent but it seemed throughout that they were just not as good as our previous providers ( who it has to be said were very professional throughout including on handover to yourcashier. This is probably the fault of the yourcashier organisation as opposed to the individual cashiers.

Unfair Charging Method & Price Increase

We switched from cashroom to yourcashier due to what we consider is double charging where automated bank entries into xero and clio are counted as two transactions because there are two separate systems (xero for accounts and clio for case management and invoicing). When we joined yourcashier they knew why – because we disagreed with double-counting and felt looking at bank transaction numbers was fairer. Hence the contractual clause quoted above was agreed (but completely ignored by them when it didnt suit them).

We consider this method of double-count transaction based charging is contrived and artificial because Clio and Xero sync with each other fully and the bank feeds input all the data into Xero automatically. At the outset we explained this to Lynne and her team and asked them to charge us on the basis of the bank transactions per statements and agree a fixed fee which they initially did.

As mentioned, when we first approached yourcashier in 2020 they agreed to a fixed fee and our bank transaction levels did not change significantly (may have gone down) however in 2022 yourcashier (now owned by Warren Wander / owner of Lawware) sought to increase the price by nearly a third and double counted Xero and Clio as their justification while refusing to discuss the percentage change in this massive price increase which is clearly above RPI.

Whilst we were prepared to agree an increase that reflected the cost of living crisis and inflation they refused to even discuss the percentage increase and instead of speaking with us (the hallmark of a professional friendly relationship) their director simply terminated our service with just a few days notice in spite of the fact we said we had already agreed to paying the increased price but under protest and wanted a meeting with them to discuss the large price rise and why we felt it was not fair. They simply didn’t want to listen.

Unprofessional Handover

We had to ask our chartered accountants to step in on an emergency basis as Yourcashier gave us no reasonable time at all (a few days) and did not even complete their month end correctly using the usual agreed protocols in their haste. Hence we have written this review as to their conduct.

Compare this to Cashroom who did a full professional handover to Yourcashier in which they sent them emails and reports had a full conference call with them and us and our accountants to hand over between bookkeepers. Perhaps Cashroom are more expensive than Yourcashier but they seem far more professional in our experience.

In the circumstances, we do not recommend Yourcashier to UK solicitors. If you are a UK Solicitor and have any query, do get in touch.