Private Prosecution Service

Our Private Prosecution Service lawyers provide results-focused and forceful legal representation to businesses and individuals who have suffered criminal misconduct, often at the hands of employees or associates. As a multi-disciplinary practice made up of Solicitors and Barristers we are able to provide a closely managed and complete service. We deploy carefully selected and highly experienced criminal counsel who are involved at the outset, when it matters most.

Discounted Fixed Fee Case Review

Our primary aim is to get results for our clients. The private prosecution team includes qualified solicitors and barristers whom have in-depth experience of criminal private prosecutions against both individuals and companies.

We offer all clients a heavily discounted initial consultation (to take place either in person in our professional chambers in London or via teleconference or Skype) where our team reviews your papers and the evidence and assesses the potential next steps in your individual matter.

The cost of the initial consultation is our minimum fee of £1500 plus VAT, which is heavily discounted for the time our solicitors & barristers spend reviewing your case both before and during the consultation.

If you are searching for an advice on whether you have the grounds for a private prosecution, we offer you a bespoke service to analyse the merits of any potential claim.

Private Prosecution Service

Our lawyers are highly effective and have many years of experience of advising and representing clients in cases of alleged fraud, money laundering, asset forfeiture, serious and organised crime, regulatory issues and in complex and high-profile appeals against conviction. They bring to bear all their specialist legal acumen in order to provide clients with results that often surpass expectations and regularly exceed the outcomes of co-defendants. We have obtained bail for clients in circumstances where all other co-defendants have been refused bail and even in circumstances where our new client has previously had bail refused.

We assist with initial consultation and advice, Police and other co-operative investigation through to representation at Court and Appeal where necessary. We provide immediate legal assistance and are often instructed by clients who are due to attend court or need advice at short notice. In such circumstances, our team will prioritise your case and ensure that you receive urgent legal assistance.

Why pay privately for a prosecution instead of the CPS?

Usually the relevant law enforcement authority the Police Force and/or the Crown Prosecution Service (the CPS) have declined to investigate or bring a prosecution on behalf of the Queen (the Crown). Often this is not because the prosecution itself is not worthy but because of the need for the Police / Crown to prioritise financial resources especially non-violent financial crime which can be classed as a ‘civil matter’.

A private prosecution can often result in what would be lengthy civil action being settled quickly with the wrongdoer party threatened with a criminal summons agreeing to repay monies or return valuable assets.

Expert Criminal Law advice

If you require assistance or advice in relating to a criminal matter, our highly experienced solicitors and barristers are able to assist.

We invite you to contact us so we can assess your claim. We can subsequently provide urgent help, advice or representation to clients from our expert legal team of leading Criminal Defence solicitors and barristers. Just call or email us now; our private prosecution lawyers and criminal defence team are waiting to help.

To contact us about your case please call us on: 0207 1830 529 or email: [email protected] (Please note our minimum fee for advice from a Solicitor and Barrister in conference is £1500 plus VAT).

Please note that we do not take on Legal Aid cases