Tax Appeals

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have actively sought to clamp down on tax evasion or avoidance and increasingly more individuals and businesses are subject to HMRC tax penalties. It is vital that any taxpayer (individuals and businesses) deal with tax issues as soon as they occur to prevent their appeal from being time-barred and to minimise the accrual of penalty fees such as the late return on self-assessment, late payment of VAT and penalties for failure to notify.

Our London Tax Solicitors and Barristers have in depth knowledge of tax laws and first hand commercial, litigation and advocacy experience representing high net worth individuals and corporate clients.

We have a proven track record of successfully contesting disputed tax assessments and penalties with HMRC.

Instruct us to appeal a HMRC tax penalty

We provide advice and representation on the strategic ways to appeal a penalty or penalties recevied from HMRC. Indeed, we have first hand experience on the internal workings at HMRC and how best to challenge penalties (either through negotiation and settlement with HMRC or through litigation at the First Tier Tax Tribunal).

How we can help:

  • Appeals against a tax assessment;
  • Appeals against any tax penalty including VAT assessments;
  • misdirection and other penalty appeals;
  • responding to accelerated payment notices and follower notices
  • negotiating with HMRC;
  • navigating the HMRC internal review process;
  • advising clients on statutory tax appeals at the Tax Tribunal; and
  • Judicial Review of HMRC decisions.

Discounted Fixed fee initial consultation

If you need HMRC penalty appeal advice we are able to assist. We invite you to contact us so we can assess your claim. We can subsequently provide urgent help, advice or representation to clients from our expert legal team of leading Tax Appeals solicitors and barristers. Just call or email us now for a heavily discounted initial consultation; our legal team are waiting to help.

Expert HMRC Tax Appeals Lawyers

If you need HMRC Tax Disputes advice, we are available to aid you at every stage of the HMRC appeals process. Members of our legal team have first-hand experience and working knowledge of the internal workings of HMRC. We can provide you with the very best representation in negotiations, throughout the HMRC internal review process and in front of the Tax Tribunal. Our team specialises in successfully challenging HMRC decisions and will assist you in every aspect including developing a strategy.

We are experts in adeptly presenting evidence and employing bespoke arguments combining the facts of your case, previous cases and current legislation to ensure your appeal is a successful one. We provide urgent advice and representation to clients from our unique expert team of established tax and duties specialist solicitors and barristers with a proven track record of delivering authoritative results.

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