Need to re-think? Alternative Dispute Resolution.

If your case has started and you’re worried about the correct strategy going forwards, our dispute resolution lawyers will provide a second opinion on the merits of your case and whether settlement can be reached without litigation. Instruct us to advise you on alternative means to resolve a dispute, be it through negotiation, mediation or arbitration at any stage of your case.

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Discounted fixed fee advice on ADR.

Need a second opinion on how your litigation is progressing? Need advice on whether your case is suitable for alternative dispute resolution? Our solicitors & barristers can help by assessing your case prospects- at any stage in your ongoing litigation (or contemplated proceedings). We have dual-qualified lawyers, so if our view is your case has limited merit or high risk we warn you in our first meeting.

Some firms offer free meetings with unqualified or junior lawyers and only after you’ve spent more do you get advice from a senior partner or barrister possibly that the case shouldn’t be pursued. 

We do things differently from all other law firms in England & Wales. We offer you partner and counsel-led advice in our first meeting, for a heavily discounted fixed fee. That way our best solicitors and barristers can review your case and give you the correct advice at the outset, when it matters the most.

Legal advice is just one aspect of getting a solution. The most important thing is what you do with the legal knowledge about your case, how you present it to the other side and how you negotiate your way to the optimal legal settlement. Our lawyers are masters of strategically securing optimal litigation settlement.

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Instruct us to analyse alternatives to resolve your dispute

At any stage in your litigation, if you are a claimant or a defendant, it is useful to get a second opinion from expert specialist lawyers to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your case and advise you on whether alternative forms of dispute resolution are appropriate in your circumstances. ADR provides parties to a litigation with options to secure an unbiased, neutral evaluation about the strengths and weaknesses of a case or trial strategy.

ADR is strongly encouraged by the courts and we understand that it is important for clients to be fully appraised of all the means available to them on how to settle a case. Many solicitors will only specialise in litigation, and press on to trial without considering alternative means of resolution, be it through negotiation, mediation or arbitration.

Our expert dispute resolution team advise our clients as to the different forms of resolving their disputes, which can often be faster and less costly. These include:

Is alternative dispute resolution right for your case?

Time – Whilst pursuing litigation can take months or years, most forms of ADR can be undertaken within a few days. This can pose a significant saving of time for your case which is critical at times such as this. There is also a real prospect that resolution through Court proceedings may be significantly delayed due to the impact of Coronavirus, which would affect both time and costs in your legal dispute.

Costs – Similarly, due to the time savings, most matters can be resolved efficiently saving both sides significant costs.

Control – With ADR the parties have control over how they proceed with their matter, as they can decide which form best suits their interests. For example, whether or not they want the decision to be legally binding.

Confidentiality – ADR procedures are usually conducted confidentially, which enables full and frank negotiations.

Business Relationships – Pursuing ADR as a form of reaching a settlement increases the likelihood of maintaining relationships, as settlements are reached with consent of both parties.

Requirement – Parties in contentious disputes are required by the Courts to attempt ADR and may make adverse costs orders against parties which refuse.

Our Alternative Dispute Resolution Service

We do things differently to other law firms in England & Wales. We will consider your case with you (no matter at what stage your case is at i.e. the pre-action stage, once a claim is issued, when pleadings are submitted, before a Costs & Case Management Conference, before a contemplated mediation). At any stage, if you are unhappy with the way your case is progressing, we provide an alternative dispute resolution service to consider the merits of your case, and if ADR is appropriate, we will transfer the handling of your case to us.

  • How to transfer your litigation case seamlessly from your current solicitor to us so that we can take over at any stage of your case.
  • How to get your current solicitor to release your litigation papers to us.
  •  Giving you a second legal opinion directly from one one of our specialist barristers or solicitors on how to settle your case without costly litigation.
  • Whether you can challenge the costs charged by your solicitor. Unlike many law firms we have an in-house Legal Costs Disputes team to advise you on whether you have been overcharged.
  • How to maximise chances of any settlement through considering alternative means of dispute resolution.
  • Years of high level negotiation experience with successful £multi million settlements.
  • Whether you have professional negligence claim against your solicitor for poor service or failure to advise you on ADR (on which we may enter into a no win no fee following our assessment of the merits of the case at the initial meeting).
  • How to win. Strategic advice on how to maximise your chances of being the successful party utilising alternative means to resolve your dispute.

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Our London Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Solicitors and Barristers provide bespoke ADR and litigation advice. We invite you to contact us so one of our legal team can assess your dispute.

Our multi-disciplinary practice consists of dispute resolution specialist solicitors and barristers who have market-leading experience in handling multi-million pound litigation cases and have a proven track record of bringing complex claims to settlement though alternative forms of dispute resolution (“ADR”), when necessary.

We can subsequently provide urgent help, advice or representation from our expert team of leading ADR lawyers. Call or email us to start the process of instructing us; our ADR team are waiting to help.

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