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Damages-Based Agreements (DBAs)

A Damages-Based Agreement (DBA) is an arrangement whereby legal fees are only payable in the event the instruction is successful. We are open to offering DBAs as a means of furthering access to justice to individuals or companies that have a strong legal claim that cannot otherwise be pursued due to the costs of obtaining expert legal advice.

We offer you partner and counsel-led advice in our first meeting, for a heavily discounted fixed fee. That way our best solicitors and barristers can review your litigation case and give you the correct advice and provide you with funding options at the outset, when it matters the most. We assess your case and work out if it is worth pursuing. If it has low merit or value or high risk we warn you quickly. If your case has started and you’re worried about prospects, we can provide a second legal opinion from a barrister and a solicitor in conference for just £1500 plus VAT. We can’t provide any free legal advice.

We factor in your risk-appetite, costs sensitivity and determination and depending on the merits of your case, we are open to considering contingency fee agreements with you (such as DBAs) if your case is of high value.

What is a Damages Based Agreement (DBA)?

Damages-based agreements (DBAs) are a form of funding for civil cases. DBAs are agreed between a solicitor and a client. A DBA is a form of “no win, no fee” arrangement between a solicitor and a client.

How does a Damages Based Agreement work?

A damages-based agreement is a contingency fee agreement agreed by a solicitor and a client which provides that a client will make a payment to the representative if the client obtains “a specified financial benefit” (usually damages paid by the losing side or via a settlement sum extracted). The amount of the payment will be determined as a percentage of the compensation received by the client (which will be set out in the DBA and agreed with the client in advance). If the client is unsuccessful in their litigation case, the solicitor will not be paid for the work done under the DBA.

Our tailored assessment of your case

Are you looking for advice on your litigation case or a second opinion? Do you want to know whether a law firm will offer you a damages based agreement? We do things differently from other law firms in England & Wales. We offer you partner and counsel-led advice in our first meeting, for a heavily discounted fixed fee, during which we analyse the prospects of the case and talk you through whether a damages based agreement is an option for you:

  • We assess your case and work out if it is worth pursuing. If it has low merit or value or high risk we warn you quickly.
  • We analyse and work out the legal merits of running your case to trial or to settlement via ADR or another cost-effective method of resolution.
  • We calculate and advise on the legal risk factors in litigation.
  • We explain the funding options available to you.
  • We factor in your risk-appetite, costs sensitivity and determination.
  • Together, we tailor the best possible result for you.
  • Our lawyers deliver strategic legal advice at your first meeting with us.
  • We may offer you a DBA if your case is high value and worth pursuing.

Instruct the UK’s leading law firm on Damages Based Agreements

We understand the importance of promoting and furthering individual access to justice particularly during these unprecedented and uncertain economic times. Our work on ensuring DBAs are accessible to all has made the national headlines and is the subject of a leading UK High Court case.

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    The Limitation Act 1980 sets out strict statutory deadlines within which you must bring litigation claims. Your legal rights will become irreversibly time-barred if you fail to take legal action (or defend a claim on time). Therefore, you should seek specific legal advice about your legal dispute at the very first opportunity so that you understand the time you have left. Failure to take advice or delay in taking action can be fatal to your prospects of success.