LEXLAW is the fastest growing UK Law Firm (Source: Plimsoll Top 500 Solicitors 2016)

We are an innovative legal practice of exceptional London Solicitors working with leading London Barristers to whom results matter. We are the only law firm to operate from professional legal chambers located in the ancient Middle Temple (Inn of Court), near the Royal Courts of Justice and the London High Court. Our team of lawyers in London provide a first class and comprehensive legal service. We pride ourselves on our ability to closely manage and concisely present our clients’ interests.

Litigation Lawyers

Issuing and defending court claims in all manner of contentious issues, ranging from high-value debt recovery to injunctions (such as emergency freezing orders). Managing High Court litigation cases. Experts in dispute resolution. Read more

Swaps Mis-selling

Advising and acting on more Interest Rate Hedging Product (IRHP) claims in the High Court than all other law firms in the UK combined. We advise businesses throughout the UK against major banks that mis-sold complex OTC derivatives to ‘protect’ them from rises in interest rates. Read more

FX Derivatives Mis-selling

Advising on mis-sold complex foreign exchange (Forex/FX) derivatives; often sold to businesses as a form of currency hedging but in fact highly speculative. We work on High Court litigation claims against banks and FX brokers such as Western Union, World First, Afex.  Read more

HMRC Tax Disputes

We have the expertise to provide comprehensive UK Tax dispute resolution legal advice with HMRC. We are able to advise, prepare, draft and lodge tax appeals and then represent appellants before the First Tier and Upper Tier Tribunals (Tax). Read more

Winding-up Petitions

Helping business clients bring/defend winding-up petitions and avoid suffering the ‘usual compulsory order’. We negotiate with creditors such as HMRC and provide strategic insolvency law and liquidation advice. We can obtain Validation Orders from the Companies Court. Read more

Bank Recovery Units (GRG)

Bank Business Support Unit engineering of LTV/covenant defaults; not behaving honestly & responsibly. FCA GRG Review. Litigation: Natwest/RBS GRG/WestRegister, Lloyds BSU, Barclays BBS, NAB Clydesdale/Yorkshire SBS, HSBC CRU, & Santander CRT. Read more

We are regularly instructed in high-profile high-value litigation disputes, particularly against financial services institutions such as major UK banks and building societies, in interest rate swaps mis-selling litigation, forex derivatives mis-selling litigation, bank business support unit litigation, RBS GRG claim litigation, and RBS GRG FCA review claims. We also have an experienced Companies Court dispute resolution team dealing with corporate and shareholder disputes and insolvency law matters such as HMRC petitions, bankruptcy petitions, winding-up petitions and s.127 validation order applications. Our immigration and visa lawyer team assists with high net worth UK immigration matters. We also have a tax litigation lawyer team that deal with HMRC tax disputes and tax tribunal Appeals. Contact our London litigation lawyers for results-focused and professional legal advice.