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All Litigation Matters.

Every case matters to our first-class litigators. We do things differently from other law firms. We have dual-qualified Solicitors & Barristers. We only litigate. So we know how and when to go legal. We operate from chambers in Middle Temple, London. Our cases are regularly in the media.

We’re masters of dispute resolution, often against magic circle opponents. Right from our first meeting, we give strategic legal advice to get you the optimal result.

How can our expert litigators help you?

Optimal Legal Results.

We provide an honest appraisal of your litigation prospects, risks, costs and benefits.

We analyse and work out the legal merits of running your case to trial. We calculate and advise on legal risk factors and the litigation rules in England & Wales. We factor in your risk-appetite, costs sensitivity and determination. Together, we plan the best possible result.

You’ll receive strategic legal advice at your first meeting.

Media Interest in our Litigation.

Our litigation lawyers are adept at managing media interest in high-profile court cases. Our legal commentary has been debated in the House of Commons and appeared in a large number of national and international publications. A few media reports appear below; with more available on our Media Interest page.

What we litigate.

We deal with all high value litigation in England & Wales. We’re regularly instructed in high profile cases often with an international or regulatory perspective. Our lawyers never shy away from challenging litigation – the more complex the case, the better. When you instruct us you access our decades of legal experience.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Results matter to our simple Litigation & Dispute Resolution Solicitors & Barristers.

Our lawyers have market-leading experience of handling multi-million pound litigation and bringing complex claims to settlement. As a result of obtaining optimal litigation settlements for clients, we were the fastest growing law firm in the UK in 2013 and the fourth fastest in 2015 (Source: Plimsoll Top 500 Solicitors Report). Our City of London litigation lawyers are regularly featured in national and international media.

Clients hire us because of our extensive legal knowledge, and especially because of our litigation experience. We know when to go to court and we know how to litigate to obtain optimal settlements.

Our litigators carefully assess case prospects and can then issue or defend legal claims in all manner of contentious issues, ranging from financial services litigation against major banks and their ‘magic circle’ or other lesser legal teams (all of whom we regularly succeed against), injunctions (such as obtaining emergency Mareva freezing orders or restraining orders), winding-up/bankruptcy petitions and other Company Court disputes or validation applications. Our London litigation solicitors and barristers advise our clients on disputes relating to claims involving fraud and deceit, commercial contracts, buildings and property, sale of goods, banking and mortgage fraud, directors’ disqualification, professional negligence, tax, judicial review and insolvency. Read more…

Issuing and defending court claims in all manner of contentious issues, ranging from high-value debt recovery to injunctions (such as emergency freezing orders). Managing High Court litigation cases. Experts in dispute resolution. Read more…

Legal Costs & Detailed Assessments

Overcharged by solicitors or barristers? Our City of London team of Specialist SCCO Legal Costs Lawyers in the City of London will assess the merits of your costs claim.

Our in-house specialist London Costs Lawyers are experienced in checking and disputing legal fees and charges. We are experts in assessing whether the time claimed for is reasonable and whether your solicitor has overcharged you. We are well versed in both negotiating a reduction with your solicitor or direct-access barrister and attending detailed assessment proceedings at court if necessary. Our team have an in-depth knowledge of solicitors bills disputes under the Solicitors Act 1974.

If you have received a bill / invoice from your solicitor or legal representative which you consider may be overpriced for the work that you instructed to be done, our specialist costs lawyers can help you consider the reasonableness of the invoice(s) and, if appropriate, advise on the process of negotiation, mediation and assessment with your current solicitors. Most cases resolved amicably.

Read more…

Professional Negligence Solicitors

Wronged by a professional? Our team of Professional Negligence Litigation Solicitors & Barristers in the City of London will assess the merits of your court claim.

We are members of the Professional Negligence Lawyers Association (the PNLA) and have been regularly instructed on high profile and high value claims against professionals such as solicitors, barristers, surveyors, valuers, conveyancers and finance brokers.

Expert professional negligence litigation lawyers advising on complex claims against accountants, financial advisers, lawyers, barristers, solicitors, valuers, architects, conveyancers, legal professionals and all skilled professionals. We can often take on such claims on a no win no fee basis.

Check out our Step-by-Step Guide “How do I Start a Professional Negligence claim?

Read more…

HMRC Tax Disputes Solicitors

Tax disputes don’t have to be taxing. Our Tax Solicitors & Barristers can assess the merits of your tax case and negotiate with HMRC so you don’t have to.

We regularly oppose HMRC in tax disputes before the First-tier and Upper-tier Tax Tribunals. Our legal team includes lawyers with experience working as HMRC’s own senior tax counsel as well as leading the national tax practice at two of the biggest UK accountancy practices. We have the expertise to provide comprehensive UK Tax dispute resolution legal advice with HMRC. We are able to advise, prepare, draft and lodge tax appeals and then represent appellants before the First Tier and Upper Tier Tribunals (Tax).

Read more…

Bankruptcy Petitions & Annulment

Trust us in bankruptcy. Our London Bankruptcy Petition Solicitors & Barristers provide expert legal advice, bankruptcy court representation & advocacy.

Leading personal insolvency expert lawyers specialising in securing bankruptcy annulments, protecting assets and the family home, setting aside statutory demands, providing bankruptcy hearing representation, liaising with the Official Receiver and managing the entire bankruptcy process.

Read more…

Winding-up Petitions

Don’t be wound up by petitions. Our City of London team of dual-qualified Insolvency Solicitors & Barristers will explain everything.

Helping business clients bring/defend winding-up petitions and avoid suffering the ‘usual compulsory order’. We negotiate with creditors such as HMRC and provide strategic insolvency law and liquidation advice. We can obtain Validation Orders from the Companies Court.

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Debt Recovery Lawyers

If a business owes you money (at least £750 for limited companies or £5000 for individuals), we provide a no cost initial telephone case review to quickly establish whether or not we can help you in your debt recovery action.

Our lawyers specialise in recovering unpaid judgments or debts from individuals and companies – we know the best way to get your unpaid debts recovered quickly which may involve insolvency proceedings, litigation or settlement out of court.

To date, we have a 100% success rate and all of the petitions we have issued have been resolved in our client’s favour. This has also meant that the petitioned company or individual has paid our fees.

For our clients, instructing us to legally pursue their unpaid invoices and bad debts has not only recovered the sums owed plus interest and a refund of their legal costs.

Get in touch with us or read more…

Borrower Protection – Bank and Bridging Lenders

Uniquely, we have a team of solicitors and barristers that have worked in and advised banks and other financial services organisations. This means we understand how large opponents work and how to achieve the best result in litigation against them. We’re highly experienced in taking on financial services institutions including all four major UK banks.

We’ve been instructed in more claims against major UK banks than other law firms in London. Read more…

Bank Business Support Unit engineering of LTV/covenant defaults; not behaving honestly & responsibly. FCA GRG Review. Litigation: Natwest/RBS GRG/WestRegister, Lloyds BSU, Barclays BBS, NAB Clydesdale/Yorkshire SBS, HSBC CRU, & Santander CRT. Read more

LIBOR Rigging Fraud and Mis-sold FX / IRHP

Advising and acting on more Interest Rate Hedging Product (IRHP) claims in the High Court than all other law firms in the UK combined. We advise businesses throughout the UK against major banks that mis-sold complex OTC derivatives to ‘protect’ them from rises in interest rates. Read more

Advising on mis-sold complex foreign exchange (Forex/FX) derivatives; often sold to businesses as a form of currency hedging but in fact highly speculative. We work on High Court litigation claims against banks and FX brokers such as Western Union, World First, Afex. Read more

Don’t Hesitate. Lex Litigate.

We’ll make sure you don’t go into litigation wrongfooted. We carefully analyse your case, assess its merits, advise you on risks and litigation rules and then negotiate you the best possible outcome. We keep you updated at all times. We litigate with authority and our reputation is well-known within UK legal circles. We’re proud that around 97% of our litigation cases settle before trial.

We are different to all other law firms in London or in the rest of the United Kingdom. Here are a few reasons why:

  • We’re an innovative legal practice of exceptional London Solicitors and leading London Barristers to whom results matter.
  • We have dual-qualified legal staff with decades of experience in major city law firms, in-house at major financial services institutions, big accountancy practices and even within HMRC.
  • Our senior solicitors and barristers advise on merits and prospects in your first meeting so you only pursue good claims.
  • Our opponent law firms are usually magic circle law firms yet our clients still obtain the optimal settlement outcomes.
  • Our lawyers live and breathe litigation. We calculate how to outsmart our opponents at every turn. We love to litigate.
  • We’re the only law firm to operate from professional legal chambers located in the historic Middle Temple (Inn of Court), near the Royal Courts of Justice and the High Court in London.

Our team of litigators in London provide a first-class and comprehensive dispute resolution service. We pride ourselves on our ability to closely manage and concisely present our clients’ interests. Get in touch.

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The Limitation Act 1980 sets out strict statutory deadlines within which you must bring litigation claims. Your legal rights will become irreversibly time-barred if you fail to take legal action (or defend a claim on time). Therefore, you should seek specific legal advice about your legal dispute at the very first opportunity so that you understand the time you have left. Failure to take advice or delay in taking action can be fatal to your prospects of success.

Please note that for regulatory reasons we do not offer any free advice.