HMRC Enforcement Action Defence

HMRC can enforce tax debts against individuals and companies in a number of ways and it is imperative that you seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity to protect your position.

If you have received a statutory demand, you must act quickly (usually within 18 days) if you hope to avoid HMRC bankrupting you as an individual or applying for a winding up petition if you are a company. With debt enforcement by HMRC it is inevitable that unless action is taken the demand will eventually lead to the presentation of a winding up against a company or bankruptcy petition against an individual.

Our tax team work closely with our insolvency team to manage the HMRC enforcement process for you. Many specialist tax firms cannot offer dual expertise in both practice areas, but our firm can provide a bespoke solution to your individual circumstances be it with tax advice or insolvency solutions.

HMRC Debt Enforcement Defence Advice

How our expert London Tax Lawyers can help you

As a leading specialist tax law firm with a track record of success, you can be assured your tax matter is in safe hands. Our success rate is a result of the dedication of our tax team who will diligently review your matter so it has the best possible chance of success from the outset when it matters the most.

Our experienced lawyers regularly carry out work in many tax disputes areas,  from advising clients on whether HMRC have followed the correct procedures to successfully challenging HMRC’s policies. We have specialist knowledge in HMRC internal processes as well as ensuring that we are able to successfully challenge HMRC decisions in the Tax Tribunals.

Although you may have instructed an Accountant in relation to your tax matters, in most cases your Accountant will be able to assist you in tax compliance matters whereas we specialise in assisting you in relation to any investigations that HMRC have brought against you. We regularly work with Accountants to ensure that collectively we are able to obtain the best possible resolution to your matter.

If you have a dispute with HMRC and find yourself hitting a ‘brick wall’ or even if you are unsure of how to deal with correspondence and/or demands you have received from HMRC  then you should contact us immediately to ascertain how we can assist you in your matter.

Not based in London? We provide nationwide representation

That does not matter, we will represent you no matter where you are based in England or Wales.

If you contact us through our contact form, by email or by phone, one of our tax team members will contact you by phone to discuss your matter and assess whether we can help you.

If we can, we will arrange a conference with a senior member(s) of our tax team. This meeting will take place either in person or using our telephone conference facilities or via Skype if you prefer. Therefore, no matter where you are based in England or Wales we can represent you.

Discounted Fixed fee initial consultation

If you need HMRC Debt Enforcement Defence advice we are able to assist. We invite you to contact us so we can assess your claim. We can subsequently provide urgent help, advice or representation to clients from our expert legal team of leading Tax solicitors and barristers. Just call or email us now for a heavily discounted initial consultation; our legal team are waiting to help.