HMRC Tax Investigations

HMRC is a powerful investigating authority and has an arsenal of legislative penalties to conduct civil tax investigations and criminal investigations where it is suspected that tax or duty has been evaded, underpaid or under declared, or that a tax fraud has taken place. VAT registered traders can face accusations of failing to declare their true liability on VAT returns by suppressing sales and/or inflating purchases. 

Our expert team of established Tax Disputes Solicitors and Barristers have first-hand experience and knowledge of the internal workings of HMRC. We have extensive experience in advising individuals, employees, directors and corporate clients in relation to serious tax investigations and prosecutions conducted by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Note: It is important to take professional legal advice early to minimise tax fines, mitigate tax exposure as far as possible and ensure a settlement is reached on favourable terms.

Tax Investigation Advice for individuals, companies and partnerships

Tax Investigation Advice for Directors

HMRC tax investigation advice dispute penalty appeal solicitor in london

Our Tax Disputes Lawyers provide market leading advice aimed specifically at directors of companies. Our advice on HMRC tax disputes and investigations is incorporated into the in KSA Group‘s Worried Directors Guide 2018

Expert London Tax Investigation Lawyers

If you need HMRC Tax Investigation advice, we are available to aid you at every stage of the HMRC investigate process. Members of our legal team have first-hand experience and knowledge of the internal workings of HMRC (having worked there). We can provide you with expert legal representation in negotiations with HMRC and defending all forms of HMRC fraud, tax inquiry, tax fraud investigation, criminal tax evasion and HMRC enquiries and investigations. Our team specialises in successfully challenging HMRC decisions and will assist you in every aspect of the investigation.

Our specialist Tax Solicitors and Barristers deliver expert technical knowledge, strong negotiation skills and respected advice, which can make a pronounced difference to eventual tax penalties, charges and liability.