Rizwan Ashiq

Barrister (Practising at No5 Chambers) – Regulated by the Bar Standards Board

Rizwan is a forceful and persuasive courtroom advocate. He is dedicated in his pursuit of achieving only the very best results and is able to analyse complex case papers to find and then develop highly attractive legal argument. He exudes an assertive authority in court which derives from his extensive knowledge and experience at all levels of litigation.

Rizwan regularly appears before all levels of the Civil and Criminal Courts up to the Court of Appeal. He also appears for the firm as an appellant advocate at the First-Tier Tribunal (Tax) (former VAT and Duties Tribunal). He has detailed experience of evasion of duties centric seizure confiscation and restoration proceedings, Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA) cash seizure proceedings, fraud and complex MTIC matters.

We enjoy a close working relationship with Rizwan and are able to obtain urgent professional advice and representation for our privately funded clients at the earliest stages of criminal defence and civil litigation, when it matters the most.

Tel: 0207 1830 529