Business Disputes

Business disputes can be an inevitable and unavoidable cost of running any type of business. Typically, business disputes arise between businesses or companies when they disagree over the terms of a contract that binds both parties. However, a business dispute can occur in any number of ways.

Results matter to our Business Disputes Solicitors & Barristers.

Our Business Disputes team have leading experience in resolving disputes for businesses. We have advised sole traders, partners, directors in limited companies and shareholders on the full range of commercial, professional and financial disputes from small highly technical claims to bringing and defending high-value litigation.

Our skilled negotiators are adept at not only litigating but also utilising alternative dispute resolution methods to help you to maintain your business relationships and secure settlement out of court.

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What are Business Disputes?

Business disputes relate to any kind of disagreement between two businesses over the terms of an agreement signed by both parties involved. They can happen in any kind of business arrangement and are mostly inevitable over a company’s lifetime.

The most frequent contract disputes are between business partners or between a business and certain contractors, suppliers, or clients. They usually happen when one of the parties believes either the amount of money paid, the delivered good or service, or the time frame in which the good or service was delivered were not executed according to the original agreement.

How do you resolve a Business Dispute?

Our multi-disciplinary practice is made up of specialist lawyers that have market-leading experience in handling multi-million pound litigation cases and bringing complex claims to settlement through alternative forms of dispute resolution (“ADR”), where necessary.

Our expert litigation and team advise our clients as to the different forms of resolving their disputes, which can often be faster and less costly. These include:

For a heavily discounted fixed fee our Business Disputes team will offer you high quality partner and counsel-led advice in our first meeting. We review your dispute and give you and/or your company or partnership the correct advice at the outset, when it matters the most.

Our Business Disputes Practice Areas

Internal corporate disputes are a common feature in most business ownership relationships. Our Business Disputes Solicitors & Barristers regularly provide advice on:

  • Director Disputes: including advise on directors duties; restrictive covenant claims; director disqualification proceedings.
  • Shareholder Disputes: including advising both minority and majority shareholders; shareholder rights; shareholder agreements advice; derivative action against directors; disputes over profit share; just and equitable winding up; unfair prejudice; and
  • Partnership Disputes:including advising remaining and departing partners; breaches of partnership agreements; expulsion; breach of fiduciary duty; dissolution; actions for accounts and termination of partnerships.

Specialist Business Dispute Solicitors

Our leading Specialist Business Dispute Solicitors and Barristers provide bespoke legal advice. We invite you to contact us so one of our legal team can assess your dispute. We can subsequently provide urgent help, advice or representation from our expert team of leading business dispute resolution lawyers. We regularly advise companies, directors, shareholders, partners and sole traders on all legal business disputes. Call or email us to start the process of instructing us; our Business Disputes Resolution team are waiting to help.

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The Limitation Act 1980 sets out strict statutory deadlines within which you must bring litigation claims. Your legal rights will become irreversibly time-barred if you fail to take legal action (or defend a claim on time). Therefore, you should seek specific legal advice about your legal dispute at the very first opportunity so that you understand the time you have left. Failure to take advice or delay in taking action can be fatal to your prospects of success.

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