HMRC Tax Dispute Lawyers

We have years of experience negotiating with HMRC and handling tax appeals at the Tax Tribunals and in the High Court dealing with contentious tax disputes.

We also work extensively with Accountants, Tax Investigation practices and former HMRC Officers to ensure your matter is handled correctly. The depth of our combined capabilities allows us to represent clients in a variety of situations, whether advising private or corporate clients during tax audits, pursuing administrative appeals, or litigating tax matters at the Tax Tribunal, Court or in tax appeals. Clients hire us because of our extensive experience in all areas, and especially because of our litigation experience – when necessary, we know when and how to litigate against HMRC.

Tax Law Practice Areas:

  • Civil or criminal tax investigations by HMRC;
  • HMRC allegations that artificial tax arrangements or avoidance schemes used to underpay tax;
  • Responding to HMRC allegations that tax or duty has been evaded, under-declared or underpaid, or that a tax fraud has taken place;
  • Disputes with HMRC including review of penalties and challenging seizure;
  • VAT Inspections & Investigations;
  • VAT Assessment Appeals;
  • Applications for Binding Tariff Information (BTI);
  • WOWGR ‘fit and proper’ registration applications;
  • Customs Tariff Classification assurance;
  • Income Tax;
  • Code of Practice 8 (COP8) – HMRC suspect artificial tax arrangement or avoidance scheme deployed to underpay tax; COP8 is normally a civil tax investigation but if HMRC suspect fraud then it can become a COP9 or full tax fraud investigation;
  • Code of Practice 9 (COP9) – HMRC suspect serious tax fraud or significant tax loss due to deliberate conduct; COP9 offered as an opportunity to agree a civil resolution for criminal tax evasion;
  • Allegations by HMRC of Tax Evasion or Avoidance; and
  • Alegations by HMRC of Offshore Tax Evasion or Avoidance.

Need legal advice or help solving a HMRC Tax Dispute?

Your search ends here. Our tax team made up of specialist tax lawyers can assist by providing you with a bespoke tax solution to your tax dispute. We can guide you through the minefield of ever-increasingly complex tax legislation, littered with compliance and due diligence traps. Our tax team has experience in negotiating with HMRC and managing appeals against their decisions at all levels. Members of the team include qualified Tax Solicitors and Tax Barristers whom have vast experience of tax laws and first hand commercial, litigation and advocacy experience.

We have a team of established tax and duties specialist lawyers with a proven track record of delivering authoritative solutions.

How our expert London Tax Lawyers can help you:

As a leading specialist tax law firm with a track record of success, you can be assured your tax matter is in safe hands. Our success rate is a result of the dedication of our tax team who will diligently review your matter so it has the best possible chance of success from the outset when it matters the most.

Our experienced lawyers regularly carry out work in many tax disputes areas,  from advising clients on whether HMRC have followed the correct procedures to successfully challenging HMRC’s policies. We have specialist knowledge in HMRC internal processes as well as ensuring that we are able to successfully challenge HMRC decisions in the Tax Tribunals.

Although you may have instructed an Accountant in relation to your tax matters, in most cases your Accountant will be able to assist you in tax compliance matters whereas we specialise in assisting you in relation to any investigations that HMRC have brought against you. We regularly work with Accountants to ensure that collectively we are able to obtain the best possible resolution to your matter.

If you have a dispute with HMRC and find yourself hitting a ‘brick wall’ or even if you are unsure of how to deal with correspondence and/or demands you have received from HMRC  then you should contact us immediately to ascertain how we can assist you in your matter.

Initial case assessment

If you want specialist legal advice from a HMRC Tax Disputes Lawyer in London, we invite you to contact us so we can assess your claim. We can subsequently provide urgent help, advice or representation to clients from our expert legal team of leading Tax Dispute solicitors and barristers. Just call or email us now for an initial consultation; our legal team are waiting to help.

To contact us about your HMRC tax case please call us on: 02071830529 or email at .