VAT Appeals & Missing Trader Intra Community

We regularly manage appeals against accusations by HMRC of MTIC Missing Trader carousel fraud.

We have a huge amount of experience of obtaining decisions from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) Officers, seeking Judicial Review where necesary, managing and representing in VAT Assessment appeals and responding to the criminal legal processes that HMRC have deployed in order to combat missing trade intra community fraud in the Mobile, CPU and CO2 industries in which many of our clients operate. Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of our clients’ industries and have developed a number of expert contacts. We know precisely what expert and other evidence will be required of Appellants to mount a successful appeal and to provide a thorough rebuttal to HMRC’s often completely unfounded accusations as to the Appellant’s knowledge of VAT fraud elsewhere in the supply chain.

The firm is completely unique in bringing together the skill of its Taxation, Civil Litigation and Criminal Defence legal practice groups to provide clients with a tenacious closely managed civil appeal before the Tribunal or criminal defence before the Courts. We provide Appellant legal representation in many high value and complex appeals at the Finance and Tax Tribunals (Tax Chamber) of the new First-Tier Tribunal (formerly the Special and the General Commissioners, and the VAT & Duties Tribunal) and, where appropriate, on appeal to the Upper Tribunal or the Court of Appeal. We also provide Defendant legal representation in the criminal courts in respect of MTIC prosecution by the Revenue and Customs Prosecutions office and associated asset confiscation/forfeiture.

We are able to provide not only our experience but the highest quality of advocacy, cross examination and management of these cases which routinely involve complex facts, expert reports and voluminous paperwork.

What is MTIC Fraud?

Missing trader fraud occurs when a fraudster exploits rules which state that cross-border transactions within the EU are zero-rated for VAT purposes.  Carousel fraud is the term used for the continuation of MTIC fraud through a chain of cross-border transactions. In a VAT supply chain where there is no fraud, a VAT-registered business charges VAT to customers when it sells goods (output tax) and will be charged VAT by suppliers when it buys good (input tax). A business can reclaim VAT it has paid and therefore provides HMRC with the net VAT it collects and reclaims any excess input tax from HMRC.

MTIC fraud typically targets high-value, low-weight goods which are easy and inexpensive to transport, such as mobile phones or computer chips. In recent times, other assets such as power, gas, precious metals and carbon emissions allowances have been targeted.

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A large number of companies can get implicated in MTIC carousel fraud. We have the experience and knowledge to assist and defend allegations against our clients in either the civil regime before the courts and the tax tribunals or before the criminal courts. We can also advise our clients on how best to avoid being affixed with constructive notice (the legal concept that a trader should have known) of fraud in the supply chain by having stringent due diligence procedures in place.

Has HMRC made you a part of an extended verification exercise or visited and served you with Notice 726? We have a wealth of experience and are able to provide clear advice to assist you in managing HMRC’s investigation and in improving your Due Diligence process. Our Tax Disputes Solicitors and Barristers are here to help you.

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