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RBS settles mis-sold swaps litigation (Westgate Healthcare Ltd v Royal Bank of Scotland Plc)

Westgate Healthcare settled a legal dispute with RBS for £10m, involving alleged misrepresentation and breach of contract regarding an interest rate swap. Deemed too sophisticated for FCA’s compensation scheme, Westgate’s claim, initiated in April 2014, led to a settlement with RBS, who imposed confidentiality and accepted no liability.

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LIBOR fraud arguable in swaps mis-selling claims; Resetting the 6-year contractual limitation clock

The High Court ruled that fraud allegations against RBS concerning LIBOR manipulation in a derivatives mis-selling claim were “properly arguable,” affecting SMEs sold IRHPs by major banks. LIBOR, a crucial interest rate benchmark, had been rigged by banks including RBS, resulting in hefty fines. RBS admitted misconduct in its LIBOR submissions. Property Alliance Group’s (PAG) case against RBS may set a precedent for extending time limits on claims, emphasizing the importance of seeking legal advice on mis-selling claims affected by LIBOR fraud.

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Barrier to justice raised as court fees rise by 600%

The Civil and Family Proceedings (Amendment) Fees Order has been approved in the House of Lords. This massively increases the court issue fee to £10,000 from £1,920 (raised last year from £1,670).

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The Times: Lloyds swap case settlement revealed

Katherine Griffiths, of The Times newspaper, reports on our Financial Services Litigation team’s recent success in a swaps mis-selling litigation case where a speculative financial instrument, namely a multi-cancelable swap, was sold…

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The Times: Banks’ secretly settling swaps mis-selling cases

The Times Newspaper has been given inside information from a number of reputable sources that banks are striking secret settlement deals with small businesses over the mis-selling of interest…

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Barclays announce 2012 results – Provision for swaps mis-selling £850 million

Barclays Bank have today announced their results for 2012 [Barclays Bank Results 2012]. Barclays’ Announcement on Swaps Mis-selling (IRHPs or IRSAs) These deal with swaps mis-selling on page…